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Value-Added Services

At Carolina Complete Health, we believe that the measure of true health goes beyond the provider/doctor office to include body, mind, and spirit.  As a member, you’ll receive extra Value Added Services designed for families and children to help support total health.

  • $75 per year voucher for child education support including school supplies and online tutoring for members enrolled in grades Pre-K through 12
  • GED package including study materials and exam voucher
  • $100 per year voucher for new mothers including car seat, diapers, diaper bag, breast pump, and home visits for high-risk pregnancies
  • $75 per year healthy rewards gift card
  • $120 per year gift card for approved healthy foods at Walmart®
  • Up to 14 weeks of Weight Watchers® including online tools
  • YMCA membership for diabetic and high blood pressure support program
  • myStrength online peer support group
  • Room to Breathe asthma program
  • $75 per year voucher for a child after school sports/activities or youth club memberships (Boys & Girls Club or similar membership) for members age 6-18   
  • Cell phone with 250 free minutes to help keep in contact with providers/doctors
  • $125 per year credit for glasses, contacts, and other vision items for members ages 21 and older
  • $120 per year credit per household for over-the-counter products such as Tylenol, first-aid supplies, and cold medicine

For more information on accessing Value Added Services, please call us at 1-833-552-3876 (TTY: 711).