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NC Medicaid Ombudsman

The NC Medicaid Ombudsman program can provide you with free, confidential support and education about the rights and responsibilities you have under NC Medicaid. The Ombudsman can help if you have trouble getting access to health care, connect you to resources to support your health-related needs, including legal aid, social services, housing resources, food assistance and other programs. Call 1-877-201-3750 or visit

The NC Medicaid Ombudsman can:

  • Answer your questions about benefits
  • Help you understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Provide information about Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care
  • Answer your questions about enrolling with or disenrolling from a health plan
  • Help you understand a notice you have received
  • Refer you to other agencies that may be able to assist you with your health care needs
  • Help to resolve issues you are having with your health care provider or health plan
  • Be an advocate for members dealing with an issue or a complaint affecting access to health care
  • Provide information to assist you with your appeal, grievance, mediation or fair hearing
  • Connect you to legal help if you need it to help resolve a problem with your health care