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GED® Exam

Welcome Carolina Complete Health GED® Benefit Program!  By signing up to take the GED® tests, you’ve taken a big step toward a better future.

To support you, we will cover the cost for you to take the GED test. You can request to take a course one at a time or take them all at once.

To be eligible for the GED® Benefit Program you must:

  • Be a current Carolina Complete Health member, aged 16 years or older
  • Not have graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma
  • Not be currently enrolled in a regular high school; and
  • Have a valid ID Card

GED® Testing Centers

If you’ve been out of high school for one year or more, we recommend you enroll in a state-approved adult education class to help you pass the GED® test. Studies show that people who take the classes are more likely to pass the GED® test the first time.

Use the link below to see a list of all Adult Education Centers throughout North Carolina.

Adult Education Centers

View all of the state-approved adult education classes in North Carolina

Search by County


Once you complete the state-approved adult education class and GED® Ready Test, you will receive your GED® exam vouchers.  You don't have to take the test unless you are ready.  Once you receive your letter with GED® voucher numbers, you will have 90 days to take your test.

If you have any questions, please call Member Services at 1-833-552-3876 (TTY 711).


Note: Please allow a minimum of 14 days for review and processing of your request.  If you need immediate support, please call us at 1-833-552-3876 (TTY 711).

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If you need assistance filling out this form, please call Member Services at 1-833-552-3876 (TTY 711).