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Value-Added Services

Carolina Complete Health offers health insurance plans with Value-Added Services that suit the needs of families and individuals in our service areas in North Carolina. View Carolina Complete Health's Value-Added Services below.

Please refer to the Member Handbook for a complete list of Value-Added Services available to you.   

To assist our young members in developing social and leadership skills, Carolina Complete Care will sponsor the membership to local Boys and Girls Clubs. This benefit will be available to members ages 6-18 years old.

We will develop a Care Grant fund with a designated annual amount, and requests for the grants may be made by our staff, caregivers, or providers. Care Grants can fund wraparound and person-specific support and resources, such as air conditioners and hypoallergenic sheets for those with asthma, helmets for bike safety, or lock boxes to reduce access to lethal means for those at risk of suicide. Care Grants may also be used to provide services for homeless members identified through Care Management. 

The Connections Plus® Program provides pre-programmed cell phones to certain high-risk members or their parents/ guardians enrolled in Care Management who lack reliable phone access. This provides 24-hour instant access, allowing them to make calls to and receive calls from their providers, care managers, pharmacies, important family contacts, our 24/7 nurse advice line, and 911. Additionally, members can use their phone’s alarm feature to remind them to take medications, a functionality beyond that which is available through a standard mobile phone.

A $30 per member, per quarter benefit for listed OTC items not covered under the Medicaid PDL.

Additional non-medical eyewear or contact lenses for Medicaid members age 21+. 

We are committed to providing our adult members with opportunities to further their education and assist them in taking the necessary steps to reduce the need for reliance on programs such as Medicaid. For some of our members, that step includes completing their high school education. We will provide vouchers to eligible members to be used toward the purchase of official GED test practice materials to prepare them for the official GED test.      

Carolina Complete Health's Live Great program for members experiencing food insecurities. Carolina Complete Health will provide $20 monthly for a period of six months that can be used at Walmart for the purchase of foods designated by Walmart as “Great For You”. 

Carolina Complate Health will load reward dollars, earned by engaging in designated healthy behaviors such as a Health Screening or annual preventative visit, to the members’ rewards account when identified that one or more of the targeted actions has been completed. The member will receive notification when rewards have been loaded to their account. The account is credited continuously as additional rewards are earned (to a maximum of $75 annually). Members are able to view their rewards balance and the services that have resulted in rewards on the Member Web Portal and mobile app. Members can use their earned rewards at Walmart (excluding alcohol, tobacco or firearms).

MyStrength is a self-directed, on-demand, and anonymous online peer support tool referred to as a “mental health club for your mind”, and is offered at no charge to members. Accessible through a computer and also through a member’s smart phone, myStrength’s customizable tool offers a range of resources to improve mental health and overall well-being. MyStrength offers members the ability to take responsibility for their health care and learn more about their diagnoses, track their symptoms, and receive motivational ideas and information to work toward solutions. Family caregivers of members with behavioral health issues can also enroll and use myStrength for support and to better understand their family member’s behavioral health condition and needs. Members can participate in myStrength to increase awareness of mental health needs and engage in personalized e-Learning programs to help overcome depression and anxiety in a safe, confidential environment.

Carolina Complete Health’s Room to Breathe program, operated in partnership with local health centers and housing resource agencies, helps to identify and mitigate in-home asthma triggers. For members participating in the program, a Housing Specialist will conduct a home visit and perform a home assessment to identify in-home asthma triggers. The Housing Specialist will provide a kit containing items such as air filters, mattress covers, cleaning supplies, and pest control devices that can be used by the member to address and mitigate asthma triggers. The Housing Specialist may refer members to home repair programs for more extensive issues as indicated. To address the member’s clinical asthma needs, a clinical representative from Carolina Complete Health or a partner agency will conduct another home visit to provide asthma management education.

This program provides a free cell phone to enrollees that are within a certain low-income bracket. Carolina Complete Health enrollees participating in the SafeLink phone program will receive 1,000 minutes per month and all calls and texts to and from the health plan are free. This program provides two-way telephonic access for enrollees by allowing certain numbers to be added to the phone that would assist in the enrollees care such as phone numbers to their Primary Care Provider, Care Manager, certain family members instrumental in their care, Nurse Advise Line, our 24/7 nurse advice line affiliate, etc.

The SUD Recovery App is a behavioral health mobile application that helps members with substance use disorders (SUD) build a 24/7 social support network, made up of peers and caregivers. 

Carolina Complete Health will partner with Weight Watchers™ (WW ™) to provide eligible members a membership to Weight Watchers™ (WW ™). Members will receive vouchers for registration and 10 weeks of meeting room classes. The-10 week voucher also includes access to 14 weeks of online tools. The program ends after six months with the option to keep it for an additional six months if the member meets certain criteria.

Carolina Complete Health will provide scholarships to members to participate in YMCA (DPP) and the Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring (BPSM) Program. The DPP will help reduce members’ risk for developing type 2 diabetes by helping members eat healthier, increase their physical activity, and lose weight. The BPSM helps adults with hypertension lower and manage their blood pressure. The program focuses on regulated home self-monitoring of one’s blood pressure using proper measuring techniques, individualized support and nutrition education for better blood pressure management.